Sunday, September 29, 2013

SCFR 2013 Winners

A giant congratulations to this year's winners - Zac Majors in first, Chris Zimmerman in second and Josef Bostik in third - all three flying Wings Wing!

A big "well done" to Brian Porter in the Swift class and our favorite tug pilot Jonny Thompson in the sport class.

Pictures from the final days and prize giving

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 7

After a very stable day yesterday, we hoped for something decent to finish off the comp today.  Well, we got a good race, but not in the best conditions.  As of 6pm (now) only two in goal - Zippy (who will gain a well deserved win of the comp) and Joe Bostik.  Steve Pearson, who is having an awesome return to comps and has made goal every day, came into the field but short of the goal line by a few hundred meters.  Great stuff for the the spectators and smiles on everyone's face (even Steve!).

Here is the final shot of the task and SPOT trackers.  Zippy will win the comp, but its hard to say who will round out the podium with him.


We've got a group of Mexican pilots here this year and it's been great fun having them.  Rudy Gotes won the day a few days back and then day before yesterday, Alfredo kicked everyone's butts on the tough task where no one made goal.  Thanks to their great flying, I'm also winning the Calcutta (along with a few others who bought the Mexican team).  Go Mexico!!!

Rudy also gave us the low down on the pre-worlds in Valle de Bravo early next year.  Sounds like a lot of pilots are excited about going down and checking it out.  It's a gorgeous place full of the most warm, friendly, helpful people on the planet.  I do love the Mexicans ;-).

Here's Alfredo after his day win.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4 Pictures

Day 3 Pictures

I don't always win the sport class,

but when I do....

Jim Prahl donated $100 to the Cloudbase Foundation for this photo ;-)  Thanks Jim!!!