Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 7

Wild day in sky today.  We set a 92km out and back task and headed out to the tow field.  But, once we arrived, the sky starting looking very strange.  There were little gust fronts in almost all directions and just before the opening of launch, a few blew through.  They were short and not all that strong, but the fact that they were all around us was a big concern.  The sky was full of cool clouds with virga falling from many of them.  Johnny Thompson took the tug up for a little test flight and reported some of the scariest and most turbulent conditions he had flow in in quite a long time.  So, we held the open of launch to watch conditions for a while.  By about 1:30 the safety committee was finally talking about possibly opening things up again.  There were still some small sections of virga in the distance, but we realized that we just couldn't get everyone in the air in time for a start before conditions shut down, so there was little hope for a fair task.  In the end we had to cancel.  

OB wins the meet - and gets the traditional bucket of ice water over his head.

The rest of the afternoon was spend blowing the dust out of all of our equipment, washing gliders and watching more dust storms roll through.  Now we're off to the prize giving.

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