Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Task 4

We finally get a day with some clouds.....unfortunately in the end, we got a little too much.  They called a out task to the El Tiro sailplane port to the southeast.  But, it wasn't long after everyone launched that we started seeing quite a lot of development and virga to the southwest.  We watched for a while and then got with several pilots on radio to see how it was out on course.  Everyone was reporting that it was alright at that moment, but that the gust front looked to be moving toward goal.  After about 15 minutes, we decided to stop the task. 

Several pilots landed at the Eloy drop zone.  Some tried to make it back to the Francisco Grande.  But, by the time they got close, the gust front was moving through the resort too.  There was a big wall of red dust moving through the sky with mamatas out on top.  It wasn't as spectacular a site as some Arizona gust fronts I've seen, but it was still cool.  I love the desert!

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