Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4

One of the really nice things about the Santa Cruz Flats Race is that we normally have tasks that bring us back here to the resort where we can relax at the pool/bar/restaurant.  We do occasionally have days with wind though and yesterday was one of those days that we had to have goal away.

Things started off slow with some scrambling on our part trying to figure out where to launch from in the switching wind.  We ended up using the runway with the least gravel - which makes for a very very dirty day, reminding us all of how it was in the early days of this comp, before we had any gravel on the runways.  Aside from the dust, it was a great task with 16 in goal, including one of my favorite Mexican pilots, Rudy Gotes coming in 20 minutes faster than anyone else.  Story is that he got high early on and thermaled very little during the task, just flying a couple thousand feet above the rest of the guys and taking a few climbs to top up when needed.  Excellent job Rudy!

Today's task is a bowtie, returning back here to the resort

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