Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Giant congratulations to this year's winners.  The Moyes boys took the podium in the open class - Kraig Coomber 1st, Robin Hamilton 2nd and young Mike Bilyk third.

Multi-time ladies choice award winner Cory Barnwell won the sport class.  Cory did the Flytec Competition Camp just this past spring and he's been on fire ever since.  We hope to see much more of him.

Everyone's favorite storyteller, Brian Porter continued his Swift class winning streak again this year.

And here are a few random fun shots from the prize giving night.  Karly Blake now has a lifetime appointment as party planner.  She threw an amazingly fun party to finish off a great week of flying.

Those Swift pilots have a brilliant fashion sense.

Team Wonka!

Happy south Americans.

Grumpy scorekeeper ;-)

Team Norway.

Twin Marias.

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