Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 6

The task committee was split on today's task.  Dustin wanted to head out to some new scenic territory that unfortunately required an 8 mile unlandable final glide.  Jonny wanted to come back to the pool and margaritas.   They ended up voting at the briefing and the country club task won out.

Goal finish today was the best!  Joe Bostik and Dustin came in first with Joe just edging out Dustin for the day win.  All of the seven final glides were quite low and close.  Jim and Brian on rigids were next.  Brian tried his best to take both his wings off barely squeezing between two trees.  Next were Kraig and Carl just eeking it into the goal field - Carl finally had a big smile (apparently he does well on little sleep ;-).  Robin was last in just a few minutes behind them.  Poor Jonny boy didn't quite make it in and landed about 200 meters short of the one kilometer goal cylinder.  Dustin hopped in a tug and flew over to tow him back up.

Another great one and another good forecast for tomorrow.  Looks like we'll get 7 out of 7 days flying!

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