Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 7

The super light, powdery dust around here makes the invisible thermals visible much of the time.  Thankfully, unlike most dust devils, these don't seem to cause much harm.
The goal finishes today were fantastic to watch from the tower deck.  The boys like to see who they can scare off the roof, then they land down on the driving range below.
Jonny did his best to take back his lead, winning the day and coming in to goal about five minutes ahead of Kraig in second.  We have to wait till the scores are in to see if he did it.  Heartbreak for Robin who landed at the first turnpoint fairly early on.  Carl will move into third making it a MOYES 1-2-3 finish yet again this year!!

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  1. Wow, great shot - glider and photographer have spotted each other, hope that was shot with a 200 mm lens :-)