Monday, September 17, 2012


It was a really tough day all around yesterday.  I've heard many people call the Santa Cruz Flats a very technical place to fly and if that's the case, yesterday was typical.  Lift was fairly weak and no one made it in to goal.  Mr. Bombastik came the closest, just a few kilometers out.  Heartbreak for Gary "Sugarman" Davis from Wallaby Ranch who was second closest just behind Joe, but had an instrument problem so the last bit of his flight wasn't tracked so he didn't get credit for it.

From the penthouse balcony, the crew waited and watched until well past 5pm (the time that the forecast called for the lift to die off completely) when one by one we started getting calls from the top guys saying they fought long and hard, but had landed short.

Afraid today doesn't look much better in terms of the strength of the lift.  With that in mind, the task committee has set a shorter out and return of about 77 kilometers.  Fingers crossed!

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