Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Weather

Gary Osoba, our US weather guru is sending wonderfully detailed weather reports every morning from his home in Oklahoma.  Thanks heaps Gary!

Here's today's report:

Light surface winds for launch, expect wsw winds at tops of climbs  
switching steadily to wnw by late afternoon. Generally 5-10 mph early  
and 10-15 mph se of you around mid-afternoon, dying back a little by  
late afternoon.

Good news: you should see some wisps of clouds by noon or a little  
after. Clouds should trend to your southeast toward the mountains down  
there, 8500' msl early going to 10,500' as the afternoon progresses  
over toward mountains, might go to 13,000' or so at the top peak  
around 3:00-4:00pm. Trending back toward the blue after about 3:30pm  
and increasingly blue after that.

Lift 100-200 fpm around noon, increasing to around 400 fpm during the  

Once again, the best area within easy reach will be the high ground se  
of you.

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