Saturday, June 14, 2014

Santa Cruz Flats Race - Mark Knight Memorial

We're looking forward to another great year of flying the Santa Cruz Flats region from September 14-20, 2014.  

As many would know, we lost a hang gliding pioneer and dear friend, Mark Knight, to a Dragonfly accident a few months ago.  Mark was an incredibly skilled pilot, great fun guy and one of the local pilots that made this whole event possible.  He is so missed and we want to dedicate this event to him and the example he set for all of us with his kindness and great attitude.  

Come help us celebrate his life and all that he gave to our sport!  His death has left a giant void in the hang gliding community here and we believe it is likely that this will be the last year that we run the Santa Cruz Flats Race.  Let's all get together one last time, remember his giant smile and raise our glasses to a great flying buddy.  


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Mark.

  2. Here is a link to a video of last year's race, including a great clip of Mark Knight talking with Steve Pearson and Dustin Martin, as well as some clips of him flying his dragonfly. Later in the video it is Mark in his blue and yellow dragonfly that is towing me toward Casa Grande mountain. He towed me extra far, because I was free flying and had launched late in the day after all the competitors, when lift was poor. He was always thoughtful and wanted us to have every chance at a good flight. Many were fortunate to be his friends. We were lucky to know him, our good friend Mark Knight.

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